Latest Technology
in Production

New generation technologies are the indispensable requirements of today. Canlar Mekatronik works constantly to apply the new technologies on the machineries that its produce. We continuously provide the better service to our customers with or without contract to preserve our leader position in the textile machinery sector.

More than experience

Today, as Canlar Mekatronik San ve Tic. AS. , we continue our textile machinery production, which we have been carrying out as Canlar Makine San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. since 1997. Fabric Dyeing, Yarn Dyeing, Fiber Dyeing, Beam Dyeing, Stenter, Equalizing and Relax Dryer, Slitting Machine, Balloon Squeezing and similar textile machines are our main products. With our customer satisfaction-oriented production and after-sales service understanding, we continue to develop our business partnership with companies in the textile sector.


We meet all your machinery needs in our 40,000 m² closed production capacity.


We carry out uninterrupted production in the field of Textile Dyeing and Finishing with our qualified team of 232 people.


With our exports to 20 different countries, we take part in the world with our quality production.

sustainable products

Canlar Mekatronik supports an intensive research and development program focusing on the optimization of existing products as well as the identification of innovative technologies. Canlar Inc. It is ambitious and at the same time follows the concept of sustainability. In addition to developing environmentally friendly products, the production processes of resources are used in a sustainable manner.