Who are we?

Canlar Mekatronik has been one of the world's leading designers and builders of textile dyeing and finishing machines since 1997

Fabric Dyeing, Coil Dyeing, Fiber Dyeing, Levent Dyeing, Stenter, Equalizing and Free Drying, Fuller Cutting, Balloon Squeezing and similar textile machines constitute our main products. Canlar Mekatronik continuously develop its business partnership with the companies in the textile sector with the understanding of customer satisfaction oriented production and after sales service. Canlar Mekatronik machines are manufactured in accordance with the technical regulations of local authorities as well as individual customer requirements and operate successfully in various countries.

Canlar Mekatronik supports an intensive research and development program that focuses on the optimization of existing products as well as the identification of innovative technologies. Canlar Mekatronik always follows the concept of sustainability. In addition to developing environmentally friendly products, the production processes of resources are also being used in a sustainable way. Canlar Mekatronik controls quality and safety criteria very tightly during each project phase.