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ECO Towel Max®

Towel Dyeing Machine

Developed based on the requirements of today’s towel dyeing industry, the ECO Towel Max® high performance fabric dyeing machine enables the treatment of all kinds of light and heavy towel fabrics at low liquor ratios. One of the structural features of ECO Towel Max is its ability to work with very low water consumption. The working level of the pump without fabric is 1:2 and it can work with full filling rate thanks to the specially designed J-Box. Water consumption varies between 38-49 lt/kg, depending on the type of fabric being dyed and the process.

Technicial Specifications
  •  Machine speed adjusted between 100 - 450 m/min
  •  Frequency controlled main circulation pump
  • Different chamber capacities are available as depending on fabric to be processed; 250 kg , 300 kg ,  and 400 kg
  • Fabric transport is carried out by a individual controlled inner winch
  • J-type fabric basket ensures a gentle treatment of the fabric by relaxed at the exit section as without any problem like; wrinkled , snagging, .. etc.
  • Fabric transport pipe makes hydraulic plaiting between J-box and inner winch
  • Easy operated filter system , located on pump suction and pressurizing line
  • Automatie internal washing system for both dyeing vessel and stock tank
  • All the surfaces contacted with liguid are made of W.Nr. 1.4571
  • Max. Operating temperature 140°C
  • Nominal loading capacities between 250 kg and 2400 kg.
  • 1/6 Capacity reserve tank
  • High performance mirrorless heat exchanger
  • Double chemical tank
  • Proportional dosing
  • Fast filling and emptying
  • Stitch finding and round counting
  • Fully automatic control via Industrial PC