Technology – R&D

Canlar Mekatronik, T.R. It is an R&D and Design Center approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

While Canlar Mekatronik manages the production program with 44 engineers, it increases product quality with R&D studies. Optimizes designs using state-of-the-art programs such as Solidworks and AutoCAD. Standards While AD2000 works in accordance with MERKBLATT, EN13445 and ASME, it uses programs such as Solidworks Simulation for structural analysis and PV Elite for pressure vessel analysis. It continues its patent and utility model studies in coordination with consultants and protects the technologies it has developed with the patents it has received.

  • New generation technologies are the indispensable requirements of today. Canlar Makatronik works constantly to apply the new technologies on the machineries that its produce. We continuously provide the better service to our customers with or without contract to preserve our leader position in the textile machinery sector.
  • Our R&D department is established inside of our production facilities. Developments and technological researches are gathered under this section. R&D focuses on environmentally sensitive and customer oriented research and development.
  • With the 41 engineers, 48 technicians, and 22 R&D specialists, we combine the machines with newest technologies and accept that as one of the basic principles to lead the sector