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New Generation Fabric Dyeing Machine

TECHsmart is new generation fabric dyeing machine, improved by considering actual requirements of dyeing and finishing sector.

TECHsmart minimises power and water consumptions without sacrificing quality of production by means of its desing focused energy saving and enviroment.

Technicial Specifications
  • Double circulation system as vertical and horizontal,
  • Individual frequency controlled double pumps,
  • High performance combined filter and heat-exchanger,
  • Individual inner winch drive as frequency controlled. Adjustable speed up to 450 m/min,
  • 1:4 Liquor volume capacity stock tank,
  • Adjustable nozzle drive mechanism via actuator,
  • Seam detection and cycle time control,
  • Double side tanks (one of them for chemicals, another one for dyestuff materials),
  • Double dosing pump,
  • Dosing capability under high temperature conditions,
  • Dosing function carried out in requested time and curve by means of proportional valve,
  • J-type fabric basket ensures a gentle treatment of fabric,
  • Rapid filling and drain,
  • HT drain,
  • CCR (Combined cooling and rinsing),
  • Automatic internal washing system for both main vessel and stock tank,
  • Proportional heating and cooling system,
  • Max. operating temperature 140 ⁰C,
  • Automatic control by means of industrial PC,
  • Different chamber capacities are available as depending on fabric to be processed ; 150 Kg, 200 Kg, 250 Kg and 300 Kg,
  • Frequency controlled plaiter as synchronised with inner winch (available for 200 Kg, 250 Kg, and 300 Kg chamber capacities),
  • Coupled running capability with 100% efficiency.
  • Minimised power and water consumptions,
  • Capability to process wide range of fabrics,
  • Minimum environmental impact,
  • Increased nozzle pressure,
  • Higher heating performance,
  • Nozzle cleaning system,
  • Electromagnetic flowmeter,
  • Proportional dosing valve,
  • ECO-DYNAMIC water-saving washing system.
  • Auto-cleaning filter,
  • ECO-DYNAMIC water-saving washing system equipped with conductivity measurement.