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Yarn Dyeing Machine

TECHyarn-soft® High performance package dyeing machine designed for bleaching, dyeing and rinsing process of the package materials in the form of yarn and fibers: acrylic, polyester, nylon, cotton, woolen, poly / cotton etc.

TECHyarn-soft® dyeing machines vertical type dyeing vessel designed, is a universal type package dyeing machine and operate with low liquor ratio. TECHyarn-soft® is equipped with all technological equipments for bleaching, dyeing and rinsing of yarn, fibers, muffs, etc. Materials without any problem.

TECHyarn-soft® have some important advantages in that low dyehouse costs thanks to the reduced cycle time and energy savings.

Technicial Specifications


  • Hydroulic pressing machine is designed for compressing loose stocks, elastic polyamid hanks, waste textile fibres, tow... for preparing other processes,
  • The loose stock which placed on carriers, is pressed by pressing surfaces which supported via two hydraulic cylinders,
  • The carrier located on supports which assembled under the base plate. By means of this supports, the carrier placed and dismantled easily,
  • Carrier and hydroulic parts can rotate, especially hydroulic part can rotate till 90 degree and it gives an advantage of easy unloading and loading,
  • Pressing surface mode of stainless steel,
  • Customers can use this machine for different diameters and capacities carriers,
  • The loose stock is loaded by spraying hot water from prepairing tank via dosing pump.


After dyeing process, the fabric or loose stock materials squeezed via centrifuge system in order to reduce the moisture rate by using AISI 304 stainless steel basket.

Standard Equipments and Specıfıcatıons

  • The squeezing process is completed on requested time,
  • In the event of any balancig problem during the loading stage, the machine is stopped as automatically by means of vibration switch,
  • The surfaces which treated by fabric, made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel,
  • The lid is equipped with a safety system, so machine can not be operated unless the lid is properly locked,
  • Braking system; the machine is braked automatically at the end of the process by means of a pneumatic cylinder,
  • Acustic signal system; at the end of the process the machine gives an acustic signal,
  • Process time is menaged by control.

Technıcal Features

  • DIAMETER : 1700 mm,
  • CAPACITY : Polyester 500 Kg, Cotton 300 Kg.,
  • MAIN MOTOR : 30 KW,
  • INST POWER : 30 KW,
  • REVOLUTION : 700 rpm,
  • SQUEEZING RATE : 35-60%.
  • The material is processed by completely immersed in dyeing liquor,
  • The liquor flows as bidirectional through the material in order to get excellence penetration
  • Flow direction is reversed automatically in required time period as inside to outside and outside to inside,
  • By means of the compressed air supplied from the upper part of vessel, pressurization function is carried out,
  • By means of the pressurization, the main circulation pump run more efficient,
  • A perfect dyeing penetration is carried out through the material, via more homogeneous batch liquor,
  • Filling and draining functions are supplied in seperate lines. Fresh liquor and batch liquor do not mix,
  • Liquor ratio adjusted between ¼ and 1/8 depending on package density,
  • Various loading capacities ( 100%, 75% and 50% ) at constant liquor ratio by means of proportional level control system.