Canlar Mechatronics Inc.

Canlar Mechatronics Inc. has been one of the world's leading designers and builders of textile dyeing and finishing machines since 1997, with installations in more than 30 countries. Fabric Dyeing, Coil Dyeing, Fiber Dyeing, Levent Dyeing, Stenter, Equalizing and Free Drying, Fuller Cutting, Balloon Squeezing and similar textile machines constitute our main products. Canlar Mechatronics Inc. continuously develop its business partnership with the companies in the textile sector with the understanding of customer satisfaction oriented production and after sales service.

Advanced Flows

State-of-the-art customer service...

Canlar Mechatronics Inc. machines are manufactured in accordance with the technical regulations of local authorities as well as individual customer requirements and operate successfully in various countries. Canlar Mechatronics Inc. supports an intensive research and development program that focuses on the optimization of existing products as well as the identification of innovative technologies.

Recursive Approaches

Dynamically tailor-driven customer service for state-of-the-art customer service...

We dynamically target highly profitable intellectual capital for privatized technologies and objectively integrate the core competencies that emerged before process-centered communities. We perform gross holistic innovation gently from customer-focused data. Also we run extensive networks with extensible niches, spread standardized metrics dramatically after resource leveling. We also pursue various catalysts for change for interoperable meta-services. We proactively produce individual items through effective e-commerce. Instead of high standards in e-services, we make scalable e-commerce fully synergistic. We repeat the resources that bring resources to the highest level after highly intellectual capital.

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