• High efficiency dynamic dryer machine designed for tensionless drying, relaxation and shrinkage of open width and tubular from knitted fabrics,
  • The relax drying machine which is generally consist of 3 or more drying chambers, is the standard version of DRYTEX® series,
  • The different models for woven and non-woven fabrics are also available,
  • The fabric which is taken up from carrier, is passed on mechanical brake and opening rollers and then feeded to track band by means of fabric entry feeding rollers, as undulated movement,
  • Fabric advance speed can be feeded between 0-50%. Also, the woven fabrics can be dryed by DRYTEX® Relax Dreyer DRYTEX® offers the solutions which is progressive and increased quality to treatment of the open width and tubular from knitted fabrics made of cotton and its blends thanks to the versatile applications for the finishing of the knitted fabrics.

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