Multi-sided finishing system based on tensionless drying, relaxation and shrinkage of open width and tubular form knitted fabrics. It was designed based on experiences that has been constituted in the preparation of knitted fabric so that the below relaxation process. At the same time, all the important components for dimensional regulation of the loop constitution in open width form are available in the machine. In another word, it's a perfect treatment system in that various operating steps can be applied by only one machine. The standard model of the series performs as the basic for the system which is generally consists of 3 or more drying chambers. The equalizing frame consists of pin-chain entry unit and chain track system. The equalizing system that total length is 5.7 m comprises a conveyor chain mechanism of 4.9 m which provides gentle opening of 40 cm as width and overstretching of the fabric. The inlet unit consists of the spiral stainless steel openning double rollers which can be adjusted position, the centering system with open-width sensor and move-support and pin-chain entry feeding system. Neverthless, a dewatering-padder and mostly an impregnating padder is available with system. The fabric is directed via the centering device in to the pad-vessel(wetting out-through)for wetting, so it would be wet immediately before surface of squeezer rollers and an average uniform residual moisture about 65% via squeezer rollers. At the subsequent impregnation, under consideration a softening agent; the fabric directed in to the pad-vessel for wetting again and then enter the padders,as a result of this stage the liquor is taken of 15-20%. This stage of process is followed by pinning operation. In this stage, the fabric advanced speed of 0-20 % and as a results of the length of the equalizing frame; gentle overstretching and openning of the loop structure is procured. Prior to entry in the dryer, the fabric is depinned and then feeded on track as undulating movement by means of entry-feed rollers. The advanced speed of 0-50 % is procured feeding to drying band. Also, the tubular form knitted fabrics can be dryed by this machine. At this time, the impregnating padder and pin-frame unit is not used. Diamond offers the solutions which is progressive and increased quality to treatment of the open and tubular knitted fabrics made of cotton and it's blends thanks to the versatile applications for the finishing of the knitted fabrics.
Technical Specifications of Relax Dryer Machine-two Treatment Level

  • Working Width: 1.6 - 3.6 m in steps 200 mm, Different values depends on request, 
  • Total Width: Working width + 2.7 m, 
  • Length of the drying chamber: 2 m, 
  • Total machine lenght: Chambers +approx.14 m, 
  • Evaporation capacity: 130 kg water/h - per chamber, 
  • Machine speed: 0-80 m/min., higher speeds depends on request, 
  • Fabric advance speed: 0-50% adjustable feeding, 
  • Fabric guidance: Open width - single track, Tubular; single or multiple track, 
  • Number of chambers: Minimum 2 & Maximum 6 chambers, 
  • Heating system: Steam, natural gas, LPG, hot water, thermic oil.

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