After dyeing process, the different kind of tubular and open width from fabrics which is cotton, synthetic and mixed fibers squeezed via centrifuge system in order to reduce the moisture rate.

Standart Equipments and Specifications:

  • The fabric is loaded & unloaded by means of a dual way reducer - motor,
  • After finishing the loading, the winch is turned out - side via a pneumatic piston and the cover is closed and then the operation is started,
  • The squeezing is completed on requested time (0-30 minutes),
  • The machine is stopped automatically at the end of the operation,
  • The cover can be opened after finishing the process and then the winch is turned inside and unloaded as automatically,
  • The machine is equipped with special bearings so that overcome the horizontal & vertical axis forced,
  • In the event of any balancing problem at the loading stage; the machine is brought a stop as automatically by means of vibration switch,
  • All the process carried out as automatically from loading to unloading.

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