• Canlar Mekatronik believes that HR management is one of the building blocks that enable to fulfill its goals.
  • Canlar Mekatronik knows that the human resources management system helps to attain the long-term goals and that the impact of the added value of people on business success is extremely important.
  • By increasing the value added of individuals to the highest level for their jobs, it is ensuring that they are more successful in both individual and team work,
  • Canlar Mekatronik every employee is the leader of his or her own work and is given the opportunity to take responsibility for their work, to make a difference and to take initiative.
  • Canlar Mekatronik aims to make the difference with our employees learning and development programs and to be one step ahead.



  • Canlar Mekatronik employs a variety of programs and trainings to measure employee's performance and contribute to their professional knowledge, skills and personal development,
  • Our management always supports personal development of manager candidates with various activities and trainings.



  • Canlar Mekatronik no matter which position they are in line with their vision and goals, their candidates are given certain qualifications.


These attributes

  • Analysis and planning
  • Problem solving
  • Use initiative and take responsibility
  • Contact
  • Teamwork compatibility
  • Respect for nature
  • Adopting business ethics and honesty principles
  • Adopt and retain the culture, adapt
  • Sufficiency


For your business inquiries You can apply individually by email to our address or by coming to our company.

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